Baby development sleep 4 kinds of circumstances

The birth of the baby makes the whole family more happy. The novice parents always pay attention to the baby's words and deeds, paying special attention to the baby's sleep. In fact, the baby sleeps a very important process. Because the baby will secrete growth hormone when sleeping, this time can make your baby's body grow better.

If the baby has the following 4 conditions, the mothers should pay attention, and the baby may be at the peak of development.

1, love to drink milk and drink for a long time

The demand for drinking milk at different ages is different. Normally, the baby of two months is fed every three hours, three months old. When feeding every 4 hours, after feeding for more than four months, you can usually feed one or two times at night. When the baby is 9 months old, the sleep time is longer, and it is generally unnecessary to feed in the middle of the night. However, in reality, when the baby is in the body When you reach the peak of development and need a lot of energy, it is easy to have hunger, so the frequency of your baby's milk in the middle of the night will increase. At this time, the mothers should pay attention to it. It is better to feed a little more milk before the baby goes to bed, but mainly to control the amount of milk so as not to cause food accumulation and affect the baby's sleep.

2, it’s easy to wake up when you sleep

Baby arrives at a certain age. It is easy to wake up at night when sleeping. Sometimes, ah will have rash and fever. This is a common physiological phenomenon. We are commonly called growth pain. It is most common between the ages of 12, usually with symptoms of leg pain, concentrated in the calf, thighs and knees. Because the child is exercising during the day, the bones develop faster, but the nerves and muscles of the limbs cannot keep up. The rhythm, so the symptoms of growth pain will appear.

It is recommended that mothers give their children more vegetables and fruits supplemented with vitamin C, and eat some eggs, walnuts and other foods to help children develop cartilage tissue.

3, hands and feet love to move

The baby grows up day by day, and the movement will be more and more. At this time, the baby is like an athlete, very moving, indicating that the baby is developing very well, very healthy, body language. Development is also closely related to intelligence. The baby's intelligence is also at the peak of development at this time. Therefore, when the baby is moving, it is a good thing, and the mother pays more attention to supplementing the child with calcium and zinc.

4, the mood changes quickly

The baby grows from a ignorant newborn to a more interactive baby. After a certain period of time, he learns to express himself with his own emotions, sometimes happy and smiling, sometimes crying. The American children's neuroscientist believes that the baby's emotional changes are so fast because the cortex that controls his own reaction in his brain is not yet mature. As the cerebral cortex continues to develop, the baby will have better control over the next few years. Behavioral mood

A baby is a complete individual after birth. As the body grows and psychology develops gradually every day, mothers must grasp the physiological and emotional problems that are easy to occur at different ages. Corresponding prevention and corresponding measures.