If children often sleep like this

With the affluence of living conditions, every household has a variety of electronic products, and this schedule is also postponed. Many people have not slept until 11 o'clock, and this time the children will not sleep. It was only in the morning that I slept very late, and sometimes I missed the breakfast time.

Ms. Zhang’s 4-year-old son slept like this when she was not in kindergarten. She often didn’t sleep at 11 in the evening, sometimes even after 12 o’clock. In the morning, I went to bed until 10 o'clock and got up. I ate breakfast and lunch together. I didn’t take a nap in the afternoon, so I kept playing. When I got to kindergarten now, I was short and thin compared to my peers.

We all know that the smaller the child, the more sleep time they need each day, so different children need different sleeps every day. And if your child often sleeps like this, his development will be a lot behind his peers.

1, a child before the age of one.

Children's sleep before the age of one year is very important, because no matter when the child is a year old, as long as he is sleeping, he will give birth to growth hormone. So the children will grow very fast before the age of one. At this time, the child can be said to be able to fall asleep anytime, anywhere, but some parents worry that the child will not sleep much and sleep all the time, will not be hungry. So wake up the child to get milk, in fact, this is not good, if the child is often disturbed during sleep, this sleep quality is not good, it will affect the body's development.

2, 1~3 year old child.

After a year of age, your child’s growth hormone is only at the peak of delivery from 11:00 am to 2:00 am, and from 7 am to 7 am in the morning. A small peak. Another condition for the birth of this growth hormone is that it needs to be in the case of deep sleep. That is to say, the child has to go through a one-and-a-half-hour light sleep to get to deep sleep, so if the child does not sleep after 9:00 in the evening, it will affect the secretion of growth hormone. In the long-term lack of growth hormone, the child's development will be much behind the same age.

3, children over 3 years old.

This sleep is very important for children. For children under 3 years old, in addition to having enough sleep at night, they also need a little sleep during the day. But for children over 3 years old, it is a bit different. Many treasure moms are having headaches when their children are nap and do not sleep. In fact, for children over 3 years old, do not force the child to take a nap. The child's own energy is abundant, and if he sleeps much during the day, it will affect the normal sleep time and quality at night, which will adversely affect the child's development.