10/5000 It is essential for a stay-at-home mother to take

Mengbao is driving, this is one of the happiest moments in many mothers' lives. After the first Mengbao’s first cry, the mother’s career with the baby officially began. Changing diapers, feeding, laundry … … the burden of raising children mostly fell on the mothers, many new mothers busy group, completely lost their personal rest time, completely become the child's nanny. In this way, new mothers often feel physically and mentally tired, and even suffer from postpartum depression.

As a young mother who is also a big-handed child with her own hands, I have a special say in how to easily raise children and improve my mother's own happiness. Every new mother starts at the birth of the baby. Don't let the baby live the life of the baby. Instead, consciously set up a standard work for the baby. Here I would like to introduce a new concept to your mother, "EASY Program". This is a regular baby routine, including “E-eat eating, A-activity activities, S-sleeping sleeping and Y-your time your own time”.

The four letters in the EASY program represent a complete cycle of baby life. Usually, the baby starts from eating. After eating, he will exercise for a while, then go to sleep. During the time when the baby is sleeping, the mother can take the opportunity to have her own personal rest time.

In general, a complete “EASY” cycle is 3-4 hours. For example, after the baby wakes up, he is half-hourly fed for half an hour, then the bowel movement is cleaned and then sleeps for 1.5-2 hours. After a set of procedures is completed, the baby wakes up again and begins to repeat the new cycle of eating and sleeping.

Here, we must remind our mothers that this is just a set of routine procedures, not a strict timetable. Mothers can't just use hard-coded direct references. In the actual operation process, it is also necessary to make adjustments in combination with the baby's situation. For example, if the baby wakes up after 1 hour of sleep, and has not yet reached the time of drinking milk, then at this time parents can play with the baby for a while, and then feed the milk at the time of feeding. All time must be respected by the baby's needs.

Through the cycle of the program, mothers can have 2-3 individual breaks every day. This allows the baby to participate in the parents' life through the standard working hours, forming a benign interaction between the parents and the child.

Of course, this is not enough. Although this method can greatly reduce the troubles and hardships caused by the baby's discomfort with the parents, but some things have to be done by the mothers. At this time, there is a powerful artifact that can help the mothers.

1. Baby electric rocking chair

When the baby was crying, the mother always put the baby in the cradle, gently shaking with the soft whisper of the mother, the crying baby will soon be quiet, and gradually fall asleep. With the development of technology, we have more advanced tools & mdash; — electric cradle. While giving the baby more comfort, the electric cradle greatly liberated the mother's hands and gave her mother more time to do her own thing.

This baby's rocking chair is designed with a 3-point, 6-point stable structure to keep your baby's rocking chair safe and secure. The multi-function free adjustment function also makes this rocking chair not just a rocking chair. Through the mother's different adjustments, this rocking chair can easily transform into 8 different forms such as sleeping chairs, drinking chairs and feeding chairs. , fully fit the baby's entire growth process.

2. Comfort the toy

The baby is an angel, and the baby who can cry is not a headache. Especially for new mothers, it is often impossible to understand why the baby is crying. At this time, a small soothing toy may have a miraculous effect.

Fisher's little hippocampus is a very famous appeasement artifact. With a gentle press, the cute little hippocampus will glow, while playing soft music, lullaby and ocean sounds. After five minutes, the music will gradually disappear and the baby will naturally fall asleep. The surface of the little hippocampus has no burrs and smooth edges to prevent damage to the baby. At the same time, the skin-friendly soft material makes the little hippocampus the most gentle and friendly friend of the baby. The baby is in his arms and warm in his heart.

3. Baby food supplement machine

As the baby grows up, breastfeeding alone cannot meet the nutritional needs of the baby. At this time, mothers need to add complementary food to the baby. In general, the baby must start adding complementary foods after six months, because the iron content in breast milk and formula is obviously insufficient, the baby needs to be taken from the complementary food, and at this time the baby has matured in all aspects, gradually A complementary food that responds to changes. However, for many mothers, how to make a baby who loves nutritious food supplements becomes a big problem.

This little white bear's baby food supplement has become a cooking artifact for novice moms. It has two functions of steaming and stirring to easily meet the needs of complementary food preparation. The blade of this food supplement machine is especially suitable for grinding process, which makes the food grinding more delicate and suitable for baby to eat. In addition, this machine also has a special disinfection function. After the mother makes the complementary food, the machine can self-disinfect and be more clean and hygienic.

With the baby, mothers need to make sacrifices and pay for the baby, but at the same time, the mothers themselves are also an independent individual. It is important to have your own time throughout the parenting process so that you can not only take care of your baby more efficiently, but also make you live more like a beautiful and free hot mom than a mechanical nanny. I believe that with the above good methods and good artifacts, each mother can enjoy parenting and enjoy life!