Five Ways to Quit Sleeping

As the baby grows up, the habit of quitting the baby's milk to sleep becomes a headache for many young mothers. Because the baby in the neonatal stage is still very small, the eating ability is still very weak. It takes a long time to eat milk. Sometimes it is asleep when eating milk, so it is normal to sleep at that stage. But milk sleep as a way to appease the baby throughout the baby's period, this phenomenon is very unfavorable for the baby's growth. Therefore, when mothers find that their baby has good eating ability and more waking hours, they can consider helping the baby to get rid of milk and sleep.
The point is coming! How can I let my baby quit sleeping? The following Amway method hopes to help all mothers.
1. Try a new soothing way to sleep your baby
Milk sleep as a high-level appeasement method, although its soothing effect is good, it is easy to sleep the baby, but long-term use of this method is not conducive to the development of the baby's independent character. But when the baby is crying very sad, the mothers can't sit back and ignore, so the new comfort method is used to let the baby enter a stable sleep, so as to gradually get rid of the milk sleep habit, it is the mothers should try hard to help the baby to sleep. good idea.
One way to calm down: The baby's body is soft, and the gentle touch of the mother can make the baby feel safe. This is a good way to comfort. Holding the baby's little hand, touching his little head, gently touching his back, and then putting a soft lullaby in the room, is the picture very warm? However, it should be noted that the player should be 2m away from the baby's ear.
This music player is suitable for children from 0 to 8 years old, looks small and easy to carry. The battery in the "White Rabbit" can be played for 3~4 hours, but don't worry if the battery is used up, because the "White Rabbit" can also be externally charged. "Little White Rabbit" comes with 8G memory card, including 2,330 pieces of content that have already been downloaded. Mothers can also download it according to their own situation.
Comforting method two: cute plush toys can awaken the "children's heart" of some adults, its comforting effect on the baby is self-evident. When touch and music are not in use, mothers can use plush toys to calm down the crying baby who is strongly urged to sleep, divert their attention, stabilize their emotions, and let them enter with soft plush toys. Sweet dreams.
This plush toy has a cute shape, fresh and pink color, and uses super-soft fabric to make the toy appearance. It is also not irritating to the baby's delicate skin. The toy is filled with OPP cotton, which is soft and does not affect the baby's bone development.
Appease mode three: Of course, the simplest and most direct is to pacifier, can comfort the baby as soon as possible, let the mother relax, have a good sleep.
The nipple is made of 100% all-silicone, which can improve the baby's milk sleeping habits, and the nipple is equipped with double round vents to prevent the baby from getting a water rash. This pacifier is colorless, so moms don't have to worry about fading. The nipple is small and does not touch the baby's nose to hinder the baby's breathing. It also fits the baby's face and does not catch the baby's mouth. The nipple is a one-piece design with a specially designed protruding point on the handle. When the baby bites, it can both massage the gums and relieve the discomfort of the teeth. It can be said that this pacifier is really very interesting in design.
Comforting method four: A comfortable cradle chair is also very useful for baby to sleep.
Beidengbao baby multi-kinetic rocking chair, designed for the baby, can also let the baby experience the feeling of swinging ~ always holding the baby gently shaking the mother is also very tired, then there is a cradle chair is very good It can reduce the risk of the baby waking up when the baby is placed on the bed. Based on the triangular structure and six-point support design, this cradle chair is relatively stable. The toy stand on the cradle chair can be rotated 90 degrees, adding to the baby's fun on the cradle chair. The cradle chair position can be adjusted according to the baby's different state on the cradle chair, so that the baby is more comfortable on the top. The cradle chair is also easy to disassemble and carry, easy to carry and store.
Comfort mode: Create a quiet sleep atmosphere for your baby and enter deep sleep without a baby.
Its cute and cute appearance will not let the baby resist. The turtle lamp has a three-color starlight projection, which can be automatically switched. The "Little Turtle" can also tell stories under the stars and create a sleeping atmosphere under the combined sound and light. The small turtle has 16G large memory, and can download many stories of children's songs in folders. Turtle lights are white noise from the sound of the waves, and scientifically help to sleep well, so the ability of the "small tortoise" to calm the baby to sleep is really powerful.
Ok, Amway is here, don't you know if moms feel a lot? Haha, maybe I think too much. In any case, it takes a gradual process to stop breastfeeding. Mothers can slowly shorten the time and number of times they sleep, so as to finally achieve the goal of abstaining from milk. Of course, during the process of quitting milk, dads should also participate, take care of the baby, increase the interaction with the baby, and let the baby reduce the dependence on the milk.