Mothers often give their children these four kinds of food

Commonly chatting with moms in the mother group, many mothers will complain about the problem that the baby’s feelings of turning over and over at night are always uncomfortable, and some even cry all the time. It affects the quality of children's sleep, and the quality of the baby's sleep directly affects the baby's long body. After all, sleep is extremely important for children. For example, children with nap habits will be better than those who do not take a nap. Will be higher. Then many treasure moms will ask: What causes the child's sleep quality? According to Xiaobian’s experience, I have sorted out some reasons, About the following 4 kinds of together to see.


If the baby's body lacks trace elements, it will have the habit of picky eating partial eclipse, and always love to get sick, physical examination is not up to standard, even sleeping at night is not stable, if the baby appears like this Bao Ma can take the baby to the hospital to check the trace elements to see if the baby is missing. However, it is necessary to remind Bao's mother that the baby is generally breastfeeding 6 months ago, so the situation of lack of trace elements is basically negligible, so you don't need to spend that money.


If the baby is too excited before going to bed, it will not only make the baby excited and nervous, but also affect the baby's sleep quality. Even the dream will be combined with "Sun Wukong" So, in the hour before the baby is about to fall asleep, it is best to give the baby some quiet music, or tell the baby a story, try not to stimulate the baby, and create a good sleeping environment for the baby, so that the baby will sleep at night. More practical.


A lot of mothers go to the winter, or let the children sleep in thick clothes, or sleep at night to cover the children with thick and thick quilts, and wrap the children tightly I am afraid that the child is cold and sick. In fact, it is not good. It is too much to cover. When the child sleeps, he feels hot but has no strength to open the quilt. Second, wearing too much cover is not conducive to the baby turning over, which leads to The baby is more uneasy to sleep, and always moves.


Because the feeding method of Bao Ma is not appropriate, the baby's spleen and stomach are prone to problems, and the children with bad spleen and stomach will have poor digestion and absorption, and it is not easy to eat the food. Digestion, in the long run, the baby's stomach will be uncomfortable, and it will affect the baby's sleep quality.

So the most simple and effective way to sleep at night is to adjust your baby's sleep condition, especially before going to bed at night, don't give it to your baby. Full, then give your baby some easy-to-digest food at night, such as the following4Growing food, these will help improve your baby's sleep quality, let your baby sleep, grow fast, and be awesome!

I, Millet: Millet is a kind of whole grain, one of the main foods in the north, its nutritional value is very high, especially the color The content of amino acid is relatively high, and tryptophan will cause cerebral cells to secrete serotonin, which will make the baby feel like going to sleep. When the baby feels sleepy, it is easy to fall asleep, and millet is easier. Digested food, even if eaten at night will not affect digestion, but also the efficacy of Jianpi Yangwei.

Second, milk: Give your child a drink at night A cup of milk is very beneficial to your child's body. It also helps the child to fall asleep better and makes the child sleep more securely. Because milk contains two kinds of hypnotic substances, one is tryptophan, which can promote the brain to secrete a nerve cell that makes people sleepy; the other is a peptide with physiological regulation function, the combination of the two can make The child feels comfortable and falls asleep slowly.

Three, half bananas: See a day before The news said: A British mommy used half a banana to solve the problem of children falling asleep. At first I was a little disbelieving, but it turned out that there really was such a miracle. Because the banana contains trace elements such as magnesium and potassium, the baby's body muscles will relax in a quiet state after ingestion. In addition, the banana contains a tryptophan and millet food similar to the baby's body. Stress can be a great help to your child's sleep. However, it is not advisable to eat more than half a root for the baby to let the baby calm down, and to fall asleep well and grow up very well.

Four, lotus seeds: Lotus seeds are rich in protein The combination of trace elements such as calcium and phosphorus, and the nutrition of the baby's body into the brain, can help the baby to create a stable sleep, while also calming and calming the nerves, especially the baby who sleeps unsteady and eats some lotus seeds. The sleeping effect makes the baby more stable and sleeps quickly and has a good body, and has no side effects. In addition, the lotus seed has the effect of nourishing the heart and tonifying the spleen and stomach, which is a good product for both the medicine and the food.

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