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Many parents are facing children's education, some are careless, some are deliberate, and the results are good and bad, especially when educating children to face money, many parents do not want children to prematurely The desire to touch money brings the human side, keeping the child's innocence is a good thing, but it often causes the child to spend money like water, and has no concept of money.

And some parents are too focused on the concept of money, they will give the children pocket money through some means of labor and other rewards. Some tasks are too simple, and how can the children be born The appearance of money.

So when the child says: “Mom, can you give me a few dollars? ” At this time, what do you do as a parent?

“Princess” life, let her pay a heavy price for money when she grows up

Knowing a person, Xiaomei, she lives from a small age, very enviable. After attending kindergarten, the teacher has taught the children to dress and eat, but at home, mom and dad are always worried. If the child does not eat well, he will feed it with a careful bite of the rice spoon, and the clothes will buy a nice little dress. Xiaomei’s favorite clothes will be bought by the father and mother as much as possible. Those bright clothes, comfortable and beautiful shoes, and always have endless snacks, which envy the entire class, when children ask for money from their parents, they don’t get it. .


The child went to junior high school and went to the age of love. Because of the family environment of Xiaoyou, and the self-confident personality of a princess-like lady, I was loved by many boys. She likes this process very much, and she doesn't think that anyone else is spending a lot of money.

I grew up working, and my family is not as good as some of the reasons, and there is a lot of younger brothers in the family. I started to work and earn money, only to find that making money is difficult. Income can't support the life you want. But because of her beautiful appearance, she was more liked by more successful people than when she was in school. Later she was with a 12-year-old middle-aged uncle who had her own family, but they claimed they Together is true love.

Whether the girl really meets true love or because of life, facing the pressure of money, she has changed herself. We can't judge a child's true inner thoughts, but mom and dad always want to give all their education to the child, and the education of the child like a princess is obviously flawed.

The frog later became a prince, but it never changed the prejudice of the frog at the bottom of the well

I also heard a story that is exactly the opposite of the girl I know. The hero of the story is a boy. When the boy was a child, he said to his mother: "Mom, can Give me a few dollars? When the mother always felt that she could not develop the character of the child for nothing, so everything was exchanged for labor, and even the things that the parents thought were unnecessary were not replaced with labor.

Children’s family is not bad, and it’s very good, but the children who grew up, although they are also very good, earned a lot of money, their wives are good, but they only have money. Related things must be calculated with the calculations in the heart. Sometimes, some things know that this is not right, but they can't control themselves.

There is also a big flaw, that is, too much "suggested" life, let him dress up and dress up well, although the money clothes are also brand, but the overall look There is always some feeling of disharmony, and I am reluctant to spend money for myself. Just like a frog becomes a prince, wants to change the past, and deep-rooted prejudice always makes his thoughts go wrong.

So in the face of children's education, it is too late to teach, and to give the child a correct outlook on life and ideas, to set a good example and establish a correct concept of money for children. What do you think about the cost of spending money for children? How is it done?